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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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♪ >> good morning. i am heather childers>> i am dave greg. >> thursday march 8th. this is "fox & friends first". >> thanks so much for joining us. we wanted to get right to your headlines for you. a developing story overnight that could wreak havoc on many of you today. a massive storm that's our 5@5:00. that's what a solar flair looks like. it's about to pound the earth at any moment. it has charged particles coming straight at us. once it hits the earth's magnetic field it could knockout power to millions of people and could make things like gps and communication systems go completely hey wire. airlines rerouting flights to avoid the flair. the solar storm expected to last
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through tomorrow. experts are warning there could be another one right behind it. >> amazing. now to the latest in iran at this hour. it appears officials are covering up their tracks. trucks and other vehicles at one of the country's military facilities. it's believed an attempt to clean up after nuclear weapon tests. iran is probably trying to erase evidence of test ago device that can set off a nuclear explosion. that's adding more doubt their plans for a nuclear program is peaceful. >> lawmakers will try to clean up a $330 million crime at 9:30 eastern a house committee will hear a committee on food stamp fraud. they are trackicracking down on owners who game the agency. why store owner who's are busted for fraud have been allowed to sneak back into the food stamp
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program? capitol hill keeping busy this morning. also happening today the house expected to pass the jobs act. a bill aimed at creating jobs by making it easier for small businesses and startups to get loans. republican leaders urging president obama to make sure senate democrats don't try to block it. while you were speaking john boehner went on the record with greta van susteren. >> republicans have a plan. we have had it since last may. this plan 30 bills. the president really wants to help get the economy moving again. the call on harry reid and say hey, these are good bills. >> republican state passage of the girl will be an incredible talking point but they have in the been trying to create jobs. >> not on the house floor. barney frank has been forced too take a time-out after ranting about the jobs act.
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here's what got barney booted. >> having part of the leadership to engage in that shameful maneuver accuses us to be obsessively concerned about credit is the most hypocritical statement i have heard in this house. >> his personal attack violated house rules and was stricken from the record. barney was benched for the rest of the day. that is our 5@5:00. flush in just a few hours they will kickoff on capitol hill. the topic? energy policy. the battle is heating up between president obama and republican candidates who want his job. that leaves us to our look who's talking topic. >> obama and newt gingrich are sparring over gas prices. now the president is responding to gingrich's criticism.
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listen. >> the next time you hear some politician sprouting out three point plan for $2 gas, you let them know, we know better. tell them, we are tired of hearing phony election year promises that never come about. >> newt gingrich never one to back down. he's all about 2.50 gas. he came back swinging. >> this afternoon's news of the president going to north carolina and explained that you couldn't get to 2.50 a gallon gas a week. that was inaccurate for anybody to say that. i have a challenge for the president. i would be glad to debate him at any gas station in america. i am going to stick to this for a couple minutes.
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it is central to what's wrong with america today. what's wrong with america is liberalism. it is just wrong about reality. >> can you image the backdrop of a gas station for a debate. >> i wonder how often president obama is pumping gas himself. that would be interesting to see. >> probably not at all for these four or eight years. this is the beginning of what will be a long debate. tomorrow we will bring you all of the developments. super tuesday in the rearview mirror. coming down the pike what could be super next tuesday for one republican. for moish letre let's go to du doocey. >> you mentioned yesterday was super for romney but next week could be super for newt gingrich. his one victory is in georgia. he thinks that gives him strength in the south.
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ahead of mississippi and alabama primaries he is driving from jackson to south haven mississippi. romney also in mississippi. santorum right next door driving from huntsville to mobile, alabama. as it stands romney has a commanding lead in delegates. he has 419. second place santorum and gingrich has 107. nobody is nominated until they get 11,44. there are still 1533 up for grabs. george w. bush's successful white house run, karl rove says, if you want to see how things are going to shake outlook ahead at states where delegates aren't rewarded proportionally. >> the winner takes all states utah 40 delegates, 42 wisconsin, 46 indiana, 17 delaware. these are the other winner takes allstate. they don't split their vote. >> while gingrich tries to gain
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steam the president is criticizing the former speaker's plan for $2.50 for gas. >> tell them we are tired of hearing phony election year promises that never come about. what we need is a serious sustained strategy. >> you didn't hear anything about congressman paul right there. he is going to be quiet today. no events planned. back to you. meanwhile it appears that gingrich and santorum want one of the other out of this race, peter. is there any reaction from notably the gingrich plant about some whispers from the santorum people they need him out of this race? >> there's no indication from the gingrich people he has any plans of getting out. say santorum got out. there's no guarantee all of the people supporting santorum are going to immediately jump ship
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and support gingrich or vice versa. a lot of people might go support romney or somebody else. that is a good point. it seems widely assumed if santorum gets out all of the votes go to newt or vice versa. thanks. have a great day. >> if gingrich hadn't still been in the race santorum would have taken ohio. >> we don't know where the votes would have gone. some may have gone romney's way. we will brew on that and brew on this as well. time to do that for you now. we are asking you to weigh in on our hot topic. comment on our twitter page which is at fox friends first. i love twitter. >> you can e-mail us your comments at today's topic getting a lot of
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tanks. 24-year-old michigan resident amanda clayton won a million dollars in the lottery. here's the kicker. she is still collecting 200 bucks a month in food stamps. she says she figured they would cut her off since she didn't she thought it was okay. sin she thinks it's okay because she doesn't have to work or pay her bills because she has two houses. >> maybe she can sell one. >> there is a michigan law trying to change the loophole here. the problem isn't the law the problem is personal accountability. why would you want to accept that? >> you compare that to the lottery winners in georgia who have won multiple times they give the omoney away. she is the complete opposite. >> i lost a job once for a few weeks why don't you get unemployment? we are doing okay. unemployment is for the folks who need to get through and pay their bills. >> need it and not stay on it if you can find another job.
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who is to blame, amanda clayton or a system that is completely broken. or tweet us at fox friends first. or e-mail us at fox >> a state reb rep in michigan sponsoring a bill that would stop all of this. will the bill do enough to keep this from happening again? stick around because in one hour the state rep will be live on fox and friends. why democrats are against his proposal. >> people will find some way to get around it. >> i would image they would. >> the time is 5:10 in the morning after the hour in case you are keeping count. warren buffet has been bumped. he is no longer the richest person in the world. we will tell you who is. >> the federal government ready to nickel and dime our military by cutting medical benefits.
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officials have no problem spending 700 thousand on a soccer field for gitmo prisoners. >> that is outrageous. first check out this adorable video of a viewer that was sent to us. that is luke ellen waking up or at least trying to. looks like dave in the morning. send them to us post them on or e-mail us at
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>> 15 minutes after. out east here's what you missed while you were sleeping. they voted $109 billion bill to over hall federal highway and transit programs. they are trying to pass an overall or temporary extension by march 31st. that's when the government's authority to give highway aid and collect gasoline and diesel packages expires. and the justice department reportedly planning to sue apple and five of the biggest publishers in the u.s. they are accusing them of acting together to raise prices of electronic books which the publishers have denied. if a settlement is reached that could mean cheaper e books for all of you. >> as we await the latest weekly
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jobless numbers we will take a look at stories you can bank on this morning. joining us from the fox business network is lauren simonetti. what do we expect to happen when the jobless numbers come up at 8:30. >> it is aftn hour before the opening bell. 351,000 americans filing for the first time unemployment benefits. it takes on added importance. >> we have activity going on with world bank possibly larry summers taking over the head. >> larry summers taking over the world bank as well as two women the ceo of pepsi and diplomat susan white. we have never had any woman, a white woman, any type of woman be a head of the bank. it has always been a mavenlt>> i wonder what worked behind the scenes to make that happen.
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>> a lot of the countries are saying, include us, too. pi you always pick a european or white male. >> baurn buffet is not at the top of the list? >> he lost money. he has $44 million now. carlos slim is number one. he lost money, too, but he still has about 69 billion. >> we have a new lady on the list. her name is sara blakely and she invented spanks for all you women out there. look what can happen if you have a great invention. the forbes list is $4.6 trillion. >> combined. wow. >> must be nice. >> $7 billion only. >> finally aig. >> the u.s. taxpayer the
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treasury owns about 77 percent of aig. that might go down to 70 percent because they are selling aig stock. we are looking at 3 billion that aig would possibly by that. >> lauren sim nonetti. it is 5:18 after the hour. prisoners at gitmo getting a brand new soccer field paid for by you the taxpayer. to clarify this is for the prisoners not the soldiers there. our soldiers are being asked to pay fmore for healthcare. what gives? army commander is weighing in on that. why one school is hiring collection agencies to go after parents. definitely have to hear this one. flush ♪
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>> it is 22 after the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. good get pumped the city of fort lauderdale offering free gas to ture wrists. officials with the convention ner's bureau giving $25 gas cards to any one who books a two-night day stai. this only good for summer get aways.
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at that point the national average for regular gas expected to be well past $4 a gallon. up next, the bad. this guy landing himself time behind bars after he thought it was maybe a good idea to drop an 18 ton anchor while the cruise ship was moving. he has been takkicking back martinis all night long stole a bottle of vodka before sneaking into an off limits area releasing the anchor. he delayed the ship headed from mexico to tampa for about 3 hours. take a look at this label. it was found inside a pair of men's pants. this isn't a joke. under the usual washing instructions this suggestion give it to your woman it's her job. a firestorm of controversy about this now battling sex sichl.
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never meant to offend any one. dave, your take on that. >> it doesn't say this in here. i do my own laundry. troops defending our country face the potential rise in healthcare costs and tuition assistance accused terrorists at gitmo are preparing to enjoy a 750,000 dollar soccer field at tax payer's expense. budget nonsense. joining us is shawn parnell author of best seller outlaw platoon. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> take these one at a time. what cuts in healthcare are on the table for our troops? how do you feel about them? >> first and foremost try care rates are going through the roof. >> try care is the military healthcare. >> it is the military healthcare. >> you are being asked to kick in more? >> for example an army colonel family of four standards rate is
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$485. after october 12th, 2012, his rate will go to over 2,000 dollars. >> how much will that effect your average troop? >> your average troop comes in under the poverty line. part of the reason they joined the army is so they can serve their country and simultaneously take care of their family. operationally soldiers while they are serving in combat need to know their family is being taken care of. if they are wondering how their children are going to get care while they are employed in combat they are not thinking about their buddy in a fox hole and that could potentially get them killed. >> you are talking about the stressful job the most on the planet and now they have to worry about their family. hazard pay is being talked about. >> they have cut and pro rated hazard pay in combat. which means while they are
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serving in harm's way they are not getting paid s. ch for me it's balancing the budget who are serving in harm's way is ir reprehensible. >> tuition has been discussed as a cut although they are hesitant to do so. this is with the context we mentioned earlier 750,000 dollar soccer field for gitmo prisoners. anything below 750,000 dollars congress has to approve. it is right below the border. >> a 750,000 dollar soccer field for prisoners and mates from gitmo what do we so they can practice bicycle kicks? we see how ridiculous spending has gotten and we are wondering what is going on with it. this isn't a democratic issue or
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republican issue this is an american issue. we can't let soldiers slip through the cracks. >> is there money, is there places where you can make responsible cuts without affecting your day-to-day lives? >> sure. i think that there are places in our defense infrastructure where we can cut. with our cutting now, it effects the soldier first, last and hardest. our warriors are suffering now. shawn parnell thank you for being here. "outlaw platoon." thank you for your service as well. >> 27 minutes after the hour. coming up nudging newt out of the race? the calls for newt gingrich to dropout growing overnight. rick santorum weighed in. wait until you hear what he had to say. jessica simpson revealing a whole lot more than just ser singing voice. brand new pictures just out this morning. you don't want to miss them.
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first in history ronald reagan delivered the now famous eagle empire speech referring to the sow yet soviet union during an appearance in florida.
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>> welcome back everybody. it's fox and friends first. >> thanks for joining us. i am heather childers>> it is 31 past the bottom of the hour on this thursday march 8th. >> have you seen this brand new video? check out these two sisters going country for rick santorum. ♪ he's got a plan to lower taxes raise moral put the power in our hands ♪ ♪ game on ♪ change is at hand ♪ faithful to his wife and 7
5:32 am
kids he will be loyal all of us ♪ >> camille and haley harris wrote the song "game on" to boost the gop presidential candidate. they are the daughters of a pastor in oklahoma. they wrote the song after singing for their church. >> sounds good. we should have them on. rick santorum supporters not only singing their praises of course the republicans trying to nudge newt gingrich out of the race maybe. >> for the latest on this we go to our washington bureau and doug luzader. is newt getting out? >> if you believe him, no. no one is getting out at this point. good morning, guys. mitt romney is looking tough to e beat now. he widened the delegate lead over mitt r. which nonromney? the super pack that supports rick santorum says it's time for
5:33 am
newt gingrich to dropout to clear the way for a conservative alternative. appearing "on the record" santorum wouldn't go that far. >> of course he should stay in if he wants to stay in. i have said that from the beginning. the best chance for us to nominate a conservative is to get in a one-on-one match with governor romney and we are going through the process proving we are the best conservative not only to defeat romney but ron paul. >> he lost the senate seat by the largest margin in the history of pennsylvania. if i thought he was a slam dunk to beat romney and beat obama i would consider getting out. i don't>> this comes down to the delegate map after super tuesday. georgia is passing through the nomination is going to be pretty difficult the fear to romney backers is the long drawn out
5:34 am
process is taking its toll and giving president obama a big advantage. in this morning's "washington post" there are reports that said romney aids are asking both of these guys to drop out. everyone is pointing fishings nobody is taking the bait. back to you guys. doug, thank you. mississippi and alabama if they go newt's way the narrative changes. >> now for your five at 5:30, five more stories making news at this hour. toyota announcing two separate recalls for 680,000 vehicles. the first involves potentially faulty air bags in tech coma trucks. the second is 2009 camry to 2009, 2007 venza. some of the brake lamps were installed incorrectly.
5:35 am
no accidents have been reported. >> tensions continuing to mount with iran. they could be trying to hide evidence of their nuclear weapons test. benjamin netanyahu reiterating his pledge to do everything he can to protect his people. if necessary we will act in our own defense. i think it's very important to repeat that clearly and obviously this is something that is perhaps the most supreme responsibility that i as prime minister have to guarantee that the future of the jewish state and the jewish future is secure. >> he does not think war with iran is inevitable. >> racism can be reduced by popping pills according to a study from oxford university. they used propanovol a common
5:36 am
drug used for heart disease. those given the drug have less race bias. it deals with the part of the brain that deal with fear. there's a multi-million dollar settlement for mario vitally's restaurant worker. they sued over a pattern of illegal tip skimming. he and his business partners sk settling the class action lawsuit for $5.2 million. it applies to waiters bartenders who worked for him between 2005 and 2012. he owns 7 restaurants. >> did you ever wait tables? >> i did at a seafood buffet in myrtle beach. >> this bringing a whole new meaning to lunch police. they hired a collection agency to go after parents who haven't paid their kid's lunch tab. you heard it right. if they don't pay up by the end of march they should expect to
5:37 am
hear from a collection agency. the city of columbus hopes to recover $900,000. most average between 150 and 175. that's your news at 5:30. >> love the tatar tots. >> sloppy joe. >> no political bias. the stars and executives behind the movie game change apparently gave wig bucks to the democratic hardy. the hbo film is accused of painting an unfair unflattering picture of john mccain and sarah palin's 2008 bid for the white house. it stars ed harris and julianne moore. the list goes on and on. an american idol finalist paying tribute to whitney houston last night. what a show it was.
5:38 am
♪ >> that was 16-year-old jessica sanchez wowing the judges with houston's classic "i will always love you." the vote show is tonight. houston's last will and testament reveals leighing her entire fortune to bobby christina estimated at around $20 million. her then husband bobby brown is getting zilch. >> still can't believe she is no longer with us. >> no kidding. we have one more story to tell you about. a couple folks have been waiting for this one. she is baring it all right there. seems to be the things to do. showing off her baby bump and then some in the nude on the
5:39 am
april cover of elle magazine. she and her fiancee are expecting a baby if you can't tell. they are expecting a baby girl. they are picking out a name but keeping that private. that's private but not this. she assures fans it won't be anything that has to be added to the dictionary, the name anyway. >> all of the rest ought oall o there. >> let me say snooky, don't do it. our roundup. a roundup of all of the stories making headlines at this hour. there is one that dominates the sports world. the colt released super star quarterback payton manning after 14 seasons what an emotional day it was. >> it truly has been an honor to play at indianapolis. i do love it here. i love the fans and i will
5:40 am
always enjoyed having played for such a great team. >> breaks my heart. >> hours after become ago free agent he's already in miami for talks some say with the dolphins and praising them. >> i haven't thought about teams. i don't know who is interested. i really don't. this is all new to me. look the miami dolphins have a great organization. a great history there. they have new people in place. >> all teams will jockey for him. >> anthony joining the nicks have a chilling effect on linsanity. the spurs had their way with the knicks last night. it's new york's third straight loss. they are only 2 and 5 since anthony. jeremy lin the talk of the nba leading them on a 7 game winning streak. how many teams wish they could have this guy? >> let's do it. >> nice.
5:41 am
>> that's georgia high school senior bobby brown slamming down over 5 prospects in the lamb dunk contest. four of them were over 6 foot 1. he won the contest. he has been off the recruiting radar but i have a feeling that's about to change. >> reminiscent of michael jordan there. big news coming out of apple today announcing their third generation ipad. what makes the new ipad so amazing? >> i am very excited for this. my weekend co host clayton morris technology guru was at the event yesterday. hey, buddy. >> hey, how are you doing? >> why do i need it because i am still on ipad 1. what is so special about this? >> the top of yours is cracked because you dropped it. that's number one why you need to pick up this one. >> it is an incredible device. it is the best screen on any
5:42 am
mobile device. i said this about the first ipad. remember the first ipad launch. i don't get it. you need to hold it in your hand to understand why you want this device. the retina display is incredible on this. it looks like text is sitting on top of the screen. photos, you are a big photos fan. it looks like you are holding glossy printed out photos of your kids in your hand when you are looking at the display. that's number one. it's much paster. that's on 4 glte network. i was testing it in the demo room. pages are loading so much faster like loading up it loads up in mere seconds compared with the older ipad. that's just a glimpse. >> that is fantastic. the camera and video camera, how special are they? >> the camera now because i never used the camera on the second generation ipad. who wants to hold up and take
5:43 am
photos with the lens that way. now there's a much improved camera on this. it rivals the iphone 4's camera plus it has great video technology. my favorite of all i have voice dictation. it has voice dictation in there. so if lafrn an e-mail and hit the voice dictation thing, i use it all of the time on my iphone i will dictate a long e-mail to a friend and hit send and i don't have to touch the key board at all. >> all right. you sold me. 2:45 out there in the west. >> the time now is 43 past the top of the hour. coming up a chance of a high school controversy over race. but was it really patriotism. >> $1 million lottery winner
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still receiving assistance. is it her fault [ female announcer ] with the all-new e-trade 360 investing dashboard free streaming quotes, all your investments, positions, and even your trade ticket are all on one customizable page. see the all-new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade.
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>> 47 minutes after the hour. see what stories are making headlines over seas. an investment banker chaining a collar to a girl's neck. he broke into her home and strapping a bomb like device around her neck. it took bomb squad police 10 hours to remove it. it contained no explosives. why he targeted her is a mystery. considering military options for the ongoing onslaught to syria. will donefense secretary and chairman say military involvement does not make sense. >> oo we asked you to brew on
5:48 am
this. michigan resident amanda clayton won a untmillion dollars in if lottery. she is still receiving $200 worth of food stamps. >> we wanted to know who is to blame amanda clayton or the system that is broke. karen e-mailed this and says what ever happened to personal responsibility by her take that go money. she takes from someone who needs it. shame on her. >> we all know we have a broken system and this proves it. >> kevin adams tweeted us this, broken system plus no sense of responsibility equals both at fault. you can find us on or via twitter at fox and
5:49 am
friends first. outrage alert. uncle sam going on an 11-million dollar shopping spree forget this, 2 people. some statements racist some patriotic. why saying usa at a high school basketball game is causing controversy. >> good morning. i am just about done with the show. here's what i have so far. at the top of the hour, have you ever dreamt of striking it rich in the lotto. a mathematician will tell you how you can improve your chances, john stossel bob mackey and christie yamaguchi are all here separately. spread them out for the three ours they are on fox and friends. i am going back to work. go to break.
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oo choonting usa is usually seen as patriotic. in the case of two high school basketball teams not -- it is
5:53 am
being seen as inappropriate. texas school district is filing a complaint after a group of rival team members taunting a largely hispanic team with a chant following their victory. we have the details. >> a>> they wanted at their games with other schools it wouldn't be a problem but it was targeted at a school that is predominantly hispanic. we appreciate the alamo heights basketball coach reacted quickly to stop the students from chanting. this topic generating a lot of discussion on our facebook page. henry guild der son saying was the usa right? what do people expect at sports events. everyone is just there to chat out friendly chats go team or similar. the real world doesn't work like
5:54 am
that. kevin jones it was the team that was implying that. they were implying they were illegal immigrants and that seems racist to him. i think the chant was leaning more toward a taunt toward the hispanic team rather than a victory chant. both teams are american i have no problem with the team chanting. to give you a little context here. the school district is investigating the issue. if they do in fact find wrong doing here that the school should face school sanctions. the school itself alamo high school says they are apologizing they are embarrassed it happened. the students made a mistake. they are going to learn this as a learning experience. they have been banned from the
5:55 am
state title tell and they will be forced to apologize. >> they are being forced to apologize. the students that were allegedly involved in the incident? >> that is what we are hearing they will both be forced to make a public apology and they will not be allowed to attend the state title game. this won after alamo high school won the championship. those students will not be allowed to attend the games. that's what we are hearing. >> thank you very much. >> the time is now 55 past the top of the hour. >> after the break we are scrambled up. can you guess the word of the day? we will be right back.
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>> time now for what the hill? as soon as you hear these stories, you'll understand why. first, call it a major wardrobe malfunctionment a brand new audit shows the federal government spent $11 million to help dress two people. the grant was supposed to pay for interview attire for 400 low income job seekers in detroit. the problem, dhs reportedly failed to monitor that boutique that was providing the clothes and only two people were clothed in more than a year's time. oh, boy. >> and talk about a waste of taxpayer money. league city texas going to spend
5:59 am
nearly $200,000 just to move this tree. the oak tree is in the way of a road widening project, apparently. it didn't want to just knock it down. it's believed the founder of the city planted it more than 100 years ago. and now it's time to get all scrambled up. here's our word of the day. and to help us out, we're bringing in steve doocy. are you there? >> hello, yes. i'd like to buy a vowel. ok. it's e. i need a little more. >> lottery. >> the word apparently that we've used throughout the show. >> lottery would be -- >> i got it, yeah. >> thank you very much, dave was my phone a friend today. excellent work, david! >> hey, man. got to do something right today. >> he got it when he looked at it. >> steve, have a wonderful show. we will see you back here tomorrow morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. >> it was fun being here. >>


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